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The Friends of Mark Finley
Kupferer Family Thursday, 10/21/04, 8:55 AM
You are in our thoughts today. I was at UMR's swim site the other day and saw that Mark still holds school records there! What a great kid!
Vanja Dezelic Wednesday, 06/18/03, 6:08 PM
Wonderful site. I did visit it before, but never got courage to post a message. I think of Mark quite often, and I am grateful that I knew him, and that he had an impact on my life. God bless!!
Brian and Kupferer Saturday, 03/29/03, 3:47 PM
I got to know Mark through coaching him for a few years in swimming. I am grateful to know that he tought me more than I tought him. He was a great kid and I would love for my son Tyler MARK to grow up to be just like Mark that I knew. Many don't know the whole story of how Tyler MARK Kupferer came about. But to keep it short my wife and I had to go to extraordinary measures to get pregnant. The day that Mark passed was the day that our son's embryo emplanted. We like to think that Mark's
Mark Finley Tuesday, 03/04/03, 5:51 PM
I came across Mark's site by accident, seeing how young he is has brought home to me how precious every day is and how valuable friendships are. Material goods, although nice to have could never replace what you have lost, take comfort in the love of those people around you and you will be rich forever.
Gail Rehme Wednesday, 02/19/03, 7:55 PM
Dear Finley Family,
Though hurt and pain still seem to harbor your hearts, know that only time will help aid the hole that still and always will leak with love for your son and brother. I too lost my brother, I was 12, he was 19- he was killed by a drunk driver. Even now 18 years later, I still miss him. But I know I will see him again in heaven and it is still okay to cry... So, hang on to your faith, pull together, love and comfort each other and know that you and your family are always in our prayers.
Lynn Watson Friday, 11/08/03, 4:29 PM
I woke up this morning on Mark's birthday thinking about him. My thoughts always go to his smile and friendliness. I remember how proud we were of him when he came to our house to show us his McCluer North Scholar Athlete Award, and how great he looked when he picked Lyndsey up for prom. I am blessed to have known Mark. He is still touching our hearts in a positive way. Mark, today we celebrate the fact that the world is a better place because of you. Happy Birthday, Mark. We love you.
JOAN E. LEONARD Sunday, 10/06/02, 12:26 PM
lisa a kletke Friday, 07/12/02, 5:17 PM
May God comfort and heal you. a reminder to all of us how fragile life truly is. soon we will meet in heaven on that glorius day. Your son was very handsome, and I could see the love he gave to others in his smile!
Melody Griesheimer Sunday, 07/07/02, 7:32 AM
My family moved away from Florissant after graduation and only recently did I learn of Mark's passing. He was a great guy -- he had such a bright smile and always a kind word for everyone and a wonderful sense of humor. I feel luckier for having known him, even if I didn't know him as well as others. God bless you, Mark.
Randy Guffey Thursday, 11/1/01, 7:22 AM
Dear Bob and Sue, Lauren and Katie, What a wonderful memorial to Mark. My memories of Mark are from only brief snapshots of time spanning his entire life, but perhaps accentuating his development as I knew him. I only know that I became more and more impressed with Mark each time I saw him, as he matured into the fine young man he was.
Patti Naumann Sunday, 10/21/01, 1:47 AM
Remembering this precious angel. My love to his family. God Bless.
Theresa Naumann Kirchmer Wednesday, 9/19/01, 7:16 PM
Dear Sue, Bob, Lauren, & Katie, Just wanted to let you know that you continue to be in my prayers...God bless all of you - as always. Love, Therese
Heather Schwent Tuesday, 9/18/01, 7:30 PM
I miss you. love your Heather
jim hibbeler Sunday, 6/17/01, 7:31 AM
Bob,Sue,Lauren,&Katie, A remarkable son & brother no doubt and i"m sure he was bound for greatness here on earth but in God's plan Mark's passing has meant alot to alot of people.I realize thru Mark to make the Best of everyday and anyone that knew him probably feels the same way. Mark as well as Jesus Christ is an example of how we should treat one another and help each other.One day we will see Mark again and on that day I will tell him he was an inspiration to me and taught me to appreciate each day and love everyone. Thanks for this web site ,your gentle giant will live my heart forever. May God bless you and keep you and may Mark's influence on God help us out during troubling waters. Hib
Will Curran Monday, 5/28/01, 9:36 PM
I attended gradeschool with Mark (K - 8th grade) and indeed he was a gentle giant. I shared a lot of the first years of my life with him, with going to school and playing sports with him outside of school. Needless to say I'll never forget him, and I do think of him still today. Even though at the time I didn't truly appreciate who he was in my life, I have come to realize more and more as life goes on what he meant to me as well as others. Mark will forever be in my memory and prayers to say the least...
Nick DeWald Sunday, 5/20/01, 11:07 PM
Michael S. Bailey Friday, 5/18/01, 2:50 PM
I never had the chance to meet Mark. I know his father thru my business and found out just today about Mark and his trials/tribulations. I know as a father how lost I would feel if one of my children had happen to them what happened to Mark. I know my faith in God would be shaken but not crumbled. I would put more faith in the fact that God chose Mark now so he wouldn't suffer for years and years to come. He needed a strong gentle young man in Heaven to help his work. My prayers go to Mark's parents in their time of sorrow and pain; I hope they know that God is watching over all of them and more.
Stuart Sproull Sunday, 5/6/01, 6:00 PM
Dear Bob and Family: This is truly a moving and beautiful tribute to your son. You did a great job raising one hell of a nice young man. I never had the opportunity of meeting Mark in person, but at least now I've had the priviledge of learning about him and his accomplishments. My heart goes out to you. Stuart L. Sproull
Theresa Kirchmer Thursday, 4/12/01, 11:42 AM
To the Finleys: May the hope of the Risen Savior bless your family this Easter Season. We think of you often; you continue in our prayers. Love, The Kirchmers.
Sherry Raggett Monday, 2/19/01, 6:48 AM
Hi, We just got back from the Springfield meet and I know Mark is soooo proud on the guys. They beat Drury...and I know that Mark was on their minds. Jeff,Phil,Jer, and Dave talked about wishing Mark was there to show some of those other teams how is was REALLY DONE! They all swam so hard, I think they did it for Mark, but they never said. Tried to log on after I saw Bob in St. Louis but must have been doing something wrong. This is wonderful! Love, Sherry
Jennifer Revelle, PCA SJMMC Sunday, 2/18/01, 8:44 AM
Although I did not know Mark but a few months, I knew he was a phenomenal person. He showed me what true courage was. A true gentleman even in his worst moments. He will be missed, but always with those who loved him.
Dad Friday, 2/16/01, 2:25 PM
Mark,I will love you forever. Love Dad
Karree David Monday, 2/12/01, 1:06 PM
Kay Laughlin Friday, 2/9/01, 8:43 AM
A nice tribute to Mark. We think of you often and remember you all in our prayers.
Keri Thursday, 2/8/01, 7:38 AM
I thought this was beautiful... "When I come to the end of the road and the sun has set for me. I want no nights in a gloom-filled room, why cry for a soul set free? Miss me a little but not too long, and not with your head bowed low. Remember the love that we once shared, miss me...but let me go. For this is a journey that we all must take, and each must go alone. It's all a part of the Master's plan, a step on the road to home. When you are lonely and sick of heart, go to the friends we know. And bury your sorrow in doing good deeds, miss me...but let me go." UNKOWN AUTHOR
Maggie Wiegert and Patsy Johnson Wednesday, 2/7/01, 12:27 PM
Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful memories with us. The pediatric staff at St. John's will never forget Mark or your family. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with you.
Virginia Harmann Friday, 2/2/01, 6:13 PM
Mark and his family will always be in our thoughts and prayers.
Kathy Leonard Stanley Wednesday, 1/31/01, 5:19 PM
Sue, Thank you for sharing so many memories. I truly enjoyed viewing all the pictures of Mark and your family.You must be proud.I just want you to know, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, your cousin Kathy
Nina Jolly Monday, 1/29/01, 6:45 PM
Thanks for sharing these memories of Mark. I really enjoyed visiting the web site.
Teresa Paiva Monday, 1/29/01, 11:03 AM
Dear Finley family, I am a friend of Mr. Finley's co- worker Tom Canavan, who had asked me to pray for Mark during his illness. I just wanted to extend to you my deepest sympathy on your loss. I have kept your family in my prayers. May you find peace and comfort through Jesus and His Loving Mother Mary. Sincerely, Teresa Paiva
Patricia Naumann Sunday, 1/28/01, 7:27 PM
I have visited this tribute to Mark many times over the past month or so. Every time I click on, there are more beautiful comments to read. Everyone loved him so very much. I especially like the one who happened upon Mark's site by accident. How nice to have left a comment for someone they did not even know. This is such a wonderful tribute to a truly remarkable young man. I had hesitated to leave my own thoughts, since they, somehow, always came up short, or were just repeating what had been said. Mark's mom, Suzanne, is my first cousin. Aside from occasional hi's and bye's at family functions, I didn't know Mark at all. I have come to realize I missed an opportunity of a lifetime. An angel walked amongst us, and now he is in the Heavens. I thank whomever for creating this web site for Mark's loved ones and friends to share. My love goes out to Suzanne, Bob, Lauren and Katie. God Bless.
Margaret and Phil Heller Sunday, 1/28/01, 6:52 PM
Thanks for the memories of Mark. We think of him and your family often. Philip and many others are better and stronger people thanks to all that Mark gave to people in his short time here.
Phil Massa Monday, 1/22/01, 8:44 AM
I was fortunate enough to have spent time at UMR with Mark. His smile, attitude, spirit and faith I keep very close to my heart, for in too short of a time lived, he impacted me greatly. To his family, I say thank you for bringing Mark into my life for I have truly been blessed! To Mark, I love you and thank you for the friendship!
Dave Belleville Friday, 1/19/01, 3:46 PM
The site looks great, I'll pass it on to the guys so they can see all the hard work you've put into it. Wishing you all the best. Dave
Sr. Renita Brummer Friday, 1/19/01, 10:36 AM
How good to see that warm smile and feel Mark's presence. He blessed so many people through his life and I know he is still with us. There are so many times that I think of him, have used his life and example in a talk on a retreat. Special thanks to whoever created this tribute page. Mark truly was a gentle giant and he is missed so much here at the UMR Catholic Newman Center.
Meghan Finley Wednesday, 1/17/01, 12:45 PM
I am a cousin of Mark's. There aren't enough words to describe how wonderful of a person he was. Mark, I miss you so much but I know your sitting on your star looking over every one of us. I feel so lucky that I was able to share part of my life with such a strong, lovable and caring person. I think about you everyday and wonder what its like to be an angel. You have inspired me in everything I do because I know you would only want the best. I love you Mark...Oh, and I still have to sing you that song I wrote for you. I promised. Lauren, Katie, Bob and Sue...I love you all.
Diane Lambert Sunday, 1/14/01, 11:49 AM
Your loss is shared by many more then are listed here. I will keep all those who share this loss in my thoughts and prayers.
Charla Clark Friday, 1/12/01, 8:56 PM
Heather Ryterski Wednesday, 1/10/01, 9:21 PM
Lauren Finley Wednesday, 1/10/01, 12:20 PM
I will always remember my "favorite brother." He was my inspiration, my hero, my guardian, and most importantly my best friend. I have so many wonderful memories of Mark. Most of my favorite memories are Mark swimming. I loved to watch him swim. See him gracefully glide across the water with fearce determination to be the best and in the end he was the best. I loved to see him finish a race, then he would look up at the score board, raise his fist above his head, and smile. I also will remember Mark always teasing me about boys. But yet none of the guys I liked were ever good enough. He would always somehow scare them away, with out me knowing it. One week they would be there and the next week they were gone. I remember him always being a gentlemen, even to his sisters. He will always be in my heart and mind. I love you Mark! And thank you Watson family, for everything!
John Curran Monday, 1/8/01, 10:50 PM
I remember Mark from the days of him playing little league sports in grade school at St. Dismas with my younger brother William...volleyball, baseball, basketball, soccer...he always gave it his all and was a good kid to be around. I had the opportunity to coach him a season or two of grade school volleyball and remember his big moments at the Rosary High School volleyball tournament when he played for St. Dismas to help them score crucial points in the final games of the volleyball tournament. It was very exciting seeing him along with the others on the team come together as a team and win some volleyball games while having fun at the same time. We celebrated with some ice cream at McDonald's afterwards. Though he went on to other sports, this volleyball tournament where Mark had some key blocks and spikes is my personal memory of Mark Finley. I know Mark excelled at many other sports, but between all his sports days in grade school that I spectated and the frequent casual conversations with him at other social outings, he truly was a gentle giant and well liked by all with his loving personality. He showed so much respect for others in his life, and it is only fitting that so many others show respect for his life. The photos on this website tells it all. I will miss hearing and reading about his numerous accomplishments in the local newspaper. And that is how I remember Mark Finley.
Tom Canavan Monday, 1/8/01, 4:51 PM
Bob, Although I never really met Mark, you and Sue certainly have every reason to be proud of him. I like to hang on to my faith that we will all see our loved ones again, when God himself will wipe every tear from our eyes. This web site is great. Thanks for telling me about it. Tom
Cassie Grigsby Monday, 1/8/01, 9:40 AM
Carrie Riefstahl Monday, 1/8/01, 8:56 AM
Erin Kawell Monday, 1/8/01, 8:41 AM
Shana Stribling Monday, 1/8/01, 8:38 AM
Kari Hesselbach Sunday, 1/7/01, 2:35 PM
This is the most incredible thing that someone could have done for Mark. He never wanted to be in the spotlight, and yet he always found himself there. He was always causing some trouble at the pool, and this past summer working with on the management team was phenomenal. I think that Mark has taught me so much over the past year..things that I could have never learned anywhere else. You are all still in my prayers and heart.
Lora clark Saturday, 1/6/01, 12:16 PM
Lou Lamberti Friday, 1/5/01, 10:12 AM
Bob and Sue and the rest of your family. thanks for this web site. I didn't know Mark as well as the rest of those who have signed in. I only know how proud of him his family will always be. judging by all the pics. I can tell that Mark was as lucky as those who knew him. always know that time will never be measured by minutes, hours or years but how we spend the time we have. god bless and stay in touch. Lou
Brianne Grenard Thursday, 1/4/01, 10:55 AM
Mark was one of the nicest and caring person I ever meet. Even through I didn't get the chance to get to know him that well, I will still miss him. We went to the same chruch and high school together. Mark touch the lives of a lot of people probably more then he will ever know.
Allison Dougherty Wednesday, 1/3/01, 1:37 AM
Mark truly touched the lives of many people. Whether through school, church, sports, or work, everyone who has ever met Mark has had the chance to experience his great nature of happiness and friendliness. I got to know Mark well during my freshman year at McCluer North because some friends and I were helping out with the swim team. We all became very good friends. The one thing that Mark always displayed in competition was courage and determination, two very important attributes. Yes he had talent... but his courage and perseverance allowed him to always end up at the top. During the summers Mark worked at Koch Park as a lifegaurd. After my sophmore year, I also became a lifegaurd, at Bangert Pool. Many times I have thought about parents who leave their children unattended and wonder, "Don't they worry that something will happen?" I remember thinking ,"If there is one person whom I would feel comfortable leaving my child alone in the water with, it would be Mark".
Danielle Devereux Tuesday, 1/2/01, 12:22 PM
Mark was sucha very special person. The last time I remember seeing Mark was in fourth grade. He was always so kind; he was nice to everyone (that's rare in a fourth grader). Thak you Mark for sharing your life with me! Rest in Peace.
Becca Espinosa Monday, 1/1/01, 3:38 PM
Mark, I was blessed with the opportunity to see you shine in the pool and FCA. As graceful as you were in the pool, you showed that same grace with your kindness and love to all. May that grace live on through your family and friends that love you so.
Lisa Di Maria Monday, 1/1/01, 10:35 AM
Mark, how wonderful it is that you touch so many lives in your short time here on this earth, even while confronting your own struggles. The angels are blessed to have you. I will miss and remember the boy that I knew, who grew up to become such a remarkable young man. Love to your family.
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Sandy Kussman Monday, 1/1/01, 8:30 AM
How often do you truely meet a saint on earth? I have know one. Mark came into our lives 10 years ago shortly after moving to Florissant. He was a tall sweet young man who befriended my children and took them under his wing. We went to the same church and he went to the same school as my children. He took my oldest son T.J. under his wing, even though he was a year older than T.J. and they became good friends. He was also very tolerant and kind to my youngest son Patrick. We have a pool in our backyard and with Marks swimming prowess he became somewhat of a mainstay here during the summers. My youngest son Patrick was learning to swim and Mark made that one of his "projects". Patrick would get in the pool and splash around always with these big "bug-like" goggles on his face. Mark would tease him and tell him he was a "guppy" and only "guppies" used goggles. Patrick adored Mark and his kindness showed each time he was here. When Mark became ill, the school children made a card for him. Patrick signed his name, your friend Patrick Kussman, the guppy". "Mark was a very positive influence on both of my children and a true delight to be around. His smile could make an iceberg melt! He was a friend, a role model, a true saint who walked on this earth. We will miss him so much but when his name is mentioned it will always bring a smile and warm thought.
Jeanne Prusak Sunday, 12/31/00, 12:19 PM
I was searching for the LifeStyle of America Center whose director is Mark Finley to inquire about their special family-type retreat in August. Instead, a very young and handsome Mark Finley came up on my screen. Thank you for sharing all those pictures and the news article. I am the mother of 3 sons and was very touched. I am very sorry for your loss of Mark. God bless your family.
Theresa Naumann Kirchmer Saturday, 12/30/00, 10:39 AM
I am a cousin of Mark's mom, Sue....and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed looking at all these wonderful pictures of an extraordinary person. Thank you for sharing this tribute with all of us. May the New Year bring peace to Mark's family and friends. God bless.
Rich Myers Saturday, 12/30/00, 9:52 AM
Friend of Dad's
DAVE & PHYLLIS TEDRICK Friday, 12/29/00, 1:09 PM
Cathy Castner Wednesday, 12/27/00, 11:10 AM
Thanks who ever is doing this. This was a very sad Christmas without him. I remember last year a family picture taken with Santa (and as positive as Mark was) I thought, I will wait until next year to take his picture with Santa. I had no idea this cancer could take over such a healthy young man. Christmas will never be the same without Mark running away from the mistletoe.
Keri Watson Monday, 12/25/00, 7:15 AM
Mark: Your beautiful heart, soul and smile has touched so many lives in such a short time. God gave us all the very special gift of having you in our lives. You inspired me so much this past year with your strength and positive attitude. I love you and miss you very much.
Sue Saturday, 12/23/00, 1:56 PM
John 14:1-3
Friday, 12/22/00, 7:36 AM
Emily Watson Wednesday, 12/20/00, 2:58 PM
Mark you touched so many lives, including mine. I will always remember the memories of high school and the dances. I will also remember your great smile and warm heart. You were always a great friend. I will miss you very much and I will never forget you.
Lyndsey Watson Thursday, 11/30/00, 1:10 PM
Beautiful website for a beautiful person. We love and miss you very much, Mark. Thank you for being part of my life. Lyndsey